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08 May, 2014

Mario Kart Coming to iOS After All... Kind Of

News just to hand: at Nintendo's end of year investor briefing, the legendary console maker has finally come clean on what its rumoured move into the smartphone market will be. Analyst David Gibson is at the meeting and tweeted that gamers will be able to upload highlight videos of their races and their best lap/race times from Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, to a Mario Kart TV app on their mobile device. The service will be out before the end of the year and the above image is from a slide presented by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at the briefing.

So it's more-or-less the Nintendo-to-smartphones move we all expected: not a proper game (#pipedream), but some much needed cross-platform communication all the same.

This comes on the back of yesterday's well-timed Angry Birds Pokémon fan trailer, which stimulated plenty of debate on the should they/shouldn't they bring Nintendo IP to smartphones topic.

If you do want to play a Mario Kart experience on iOS, you would be well served to grab Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It's a wonderfully executed port of the console game worth a play by Kart lovers.

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