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07 May, 2014

Angry Birds Pokemon Anyone?

A clearly talented guy by the name of Adrian Jensen has put together a mock trailer for a proposed Angry Birds Pokémon collaboration. Far from a slap-dash take on the idea, it includes 3D models of new, Pokémon inspired birds, a logo, proposed power-ups and locations, the iconic theme music and more. As fan trailers go, it's one of the best we've seen (and you can see it for yourself below).

Such a thing is completely impossible, of course. Or is it?

There has been plenty of debate on whether Nintendo should stretch its IP into the mobile space in a bid to reconnect with fans and secure a new revenue source, but the veteran console maker has repeatedly declared it is not an option... while at the same time suggesting it will not ignore the mobile/tablet space completely. No one has seen the fire yet, but the smoke is in the wind.

Angry Birds, of course, is well down for a marketable collaboration. And who would have said 20-years ago that Sonic and Mario would bless the same cover art on a game? Ever! Let alone multiple times. And the game this trailer represents would be pretty sweet.

Am I talking you into this yet? No? Fair enough. Enjoy!

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