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Discover Indie iPad Games - Episode 5

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What's in Episode 6!

  • Our highlighted game is Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers; we have a world exclusive, in-depth making of, music, video, expert tips and more.
  • 12 Showcased Games: Biosis, Bonza Word Puzzle, Broken Age, Bubble Inferno, CLARC, Danger Rabbit, David, First Strike, Magic 2015, Oscura: Second Shadow, Platforms Unlimited & Prime World: Defenders
  • 9 Exclusive Interviews: Appster, Chocolate Liberation Front, Blindflug Studios, GameLoading, Golden Tricycle, Nival, Stainless Games, Tin Man Games & Wizards of the Coast
  • We feature Tin Man Games and learn all about how the developer has revitalised the gamebook for the digital generation
  • We countdown the Top 10 Gamebooks for iPad
  • Our huge interview with Appster CEO Mark McDonald provides invaluable insights into IAPs, app monetisation and how to set-up a successful indie studio
  • And we have the freshest game trailers, latest news, in-depth opinion, soundtracks and plenty more for hours of entertainment and discovery.
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