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Discover Indie iPad Games - Episode 3

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What's in Episode 3!

  • Our highlighted game is Monument Valley; we have an in-depth making of, filled with quotes direct from the developer and behind the scenes art.
  • Other featured games in this episode include: Mines of Mars, God of Light, Out There, Tengami, Avoid Sensory Overload, Only One, Cloudbreakers, Dandelions: Chain of Seeds and Touch Force.
  • We chase down the Top 10 Auto-Runners available on the App Store right now.
  • We have five exclusive developer interviews offering insights into the indie game development process, including; Mi-Clos Studios, Playmous, WickeyWare Games, Nyamyam and ustwo Games.
  • There is the second episode of our exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the making of the film GameLoading: Rise of the Indies.
  • And we have the freshest game trailers, latest news, cutting opinions, soundtracks and plenty more for hours of entertainment and discovery.
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