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16 February, 2014

The Retro Bundle - 5 Old-School Games Go On Sale

One of the beautiful things about modern gaming is its ability to not just pay homage to the classics that birthed the industry, but allow new gamers of all shapes and sizes to try them out. This weekend a number of classics from yesteryear have gone on-sale at the same time, giving you a chance to school yourself on landmark moments in video gaming, or douse yourself in some well-earned weekend nostalgia.

Tetris: Still, after all this years, it provides compulsive puzzle gaming. How many lines can you get on a touchscreen? Was 99c - Now free. Grab it here.

Pac-Man: This pill-popping pellet muncher was the first hero in gaming, with early gamers noting that he definitely wasn't a square. Updated wonderfully in recent years with tournament editions, the original still packs a punch. Was $1.99 - Now .99. Grab it here.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: In the early nineties, before it became the Mario and Sonic show, Mickey Mouse put in this grand effort in the platforming hall of fame. This remake maintains the original gameplay, but spruces up the visuals and adds some extra content. Was $10.59 - Now $5.49. Grab it here. (read our review here)

Crazy Taxi: Originally a hit in arcades, Crazy Taxi's over-the-top race against the clocker soon moved to consoles and now touchscreens. It offers a simple, but thoroughly enjoyable gameplay loop and some of the first open-world vehicular action we ever saw. Was $5.49 - Now 99c. Grab it here.

Virtua Tennis Challenge: Where modern tennis games such as Top Spin have gone down the route of simulating the sport of Federers And Ferrers, this legendary Sega series keeps things fast, fluid and very arcade. Adding swipe controls for the touchscreen modernises the old-school gameplay. Was $5.49 - Now 99c. Grab it here.    

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