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28 February, 2014

Top 10 Free iPad Games of February

We've already taken you through the top 10 paid iOS games of February 2014, and boy were there some gems in that - games worth every cent. But there are also plenty of great games that follow the free-to-play, or just plain free, App Store model that are also worth exploring. We've kept a close eye and a skilled swipe on all the App Store activity this month and here are ten great games that came out, which you can check out, for the unbeatably awesome price of zero.

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(click here for the  top 10 best free iOS games of January)

1. A Darker Shade of Red
All the noir crime thriller boxes are ticked in this point-and-click debut from Nickname Studios - a down on his luck private investigating fox named Mulder (get it?), a kidnapped nightclub singer, and a flea-bag motel full of shady residents. This is free with no IAPs, so perhaps it is the first in an episodic run, hoping to hook us with its pilot. With very high production values and some great voice acting, there really is no reason not to check this one out.
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2. Any Landing
Getting paid to ferry cargo and passengers from A to B in your barely together plane is a fun, yet predictable premise for a mobile game. But throw in the fact that all is not lost if you wreck your plane - crashlandings are actually encouraged by bonuses - and you start to see what makes Any Landing give it such notable fun factor. When fire and explosions are followed by a payday if done well, you’ve got our attention. Developer Strange Flavour’s IAP system called Play Nice is a refreshing change as well. The amount you can spend on the in-game currency is capped, and any purchase you make counts towards that cap. Very nice indeed.
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3. Deadman's Cross
Collectible card battling games are a hot ticket across many gaming platforms right now. Square Enix (of Final Fantasy fame) has thrown itself into the genre again, following up Guardian Cross with Deadman’s Cross, a zombie-themed take on the genre. With the card battling genre getting very crowded, the quality of the card art is high on the list of things to get right. The team behind Deadman’s Cross have nailed it with some beautifully detailed and imaginative artwork. With a first-person-shooter minigame, RPG flavoured story and player versus player card battles, this has the makings of a cult creeper hit for Square Enix.
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4. Disco Zoo
When you read the title Disco Zoo, it sounds like the folks at NimbleBit wrote down a bunch of random words, pulled two out of a hat and structured a game around the result. Known for its free-to-play management gems such as Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, Disco Zoo looks to scratch your collecting and time management itch. This time it’s animals you’ll be collecting from around the world to place into your zoo, and the stranger the better. Dinosaurs and unicorns? Go get ‘em!
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5. Duck Destroyer
This is one game I can guarantee PETA will not be endorsing, but hey, a fox has needs. It’s dinnertime and duck is on the menu. Using a variety of weapons in this arcade shooter, it’s the classic Warner Bros feel of the vibrant cartoon visuals that tip this into the must-try category - it's simply stunning on the gorgeous retina display of your iPhone or iPad. These are not your passive garden variety ducks either, they will defend themselves once they cotton onto your plans. But your fox will go to great lengths to get fed in Chillingo's arcade romp, including all the way into outer space!
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6. Fright Fight
Taking inspiration from Super Smash Bros, Fright Fight is an arena brawler with characters that would all feel much more at ease on Halloween than at your local sporting venue. Actually, maybe not... Choosing whether to fight as a Werewolf, Vampire, Grim Reaper or Yeti is a tough decision, but being free you might as well take them all out for a night on the town, mastering each of their unique moves. Keep in mind there is only online multiplayer, so you’ll need to convince some real-world or cyber-friends to download it as well. Fight!
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7. Mad Skills Motocross 2
Mastering Mad Skills Motocross 2 by Turborilla is all about timing and momentum. You’ll need to learn the skill of shifting your weight forwards and back on your bike both on the ground and in mid-air, so as to hit jumps and landings just right. It really does feel like a learned skill once you get the knack. There are plenty of tracks to master and bikes to collect for the single player, and then there is the infinite world of multiplayer and leaderboards to climb. So for the zero price of entry this is a keeper. The dirt tracks and scrolling mountainous backgrounds coupled with the ragdoll physics - which almost make crashing worthwhile - complete an excellent package.
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8. Monkey Boots
A stampede of elephants large and small are looking to bring about your premature end, and running, jumping and stomping on their heads video game style are your only defences. Developer Cocky Culture is asking the age-old mobile game question of “how far can you run?’ in its game Monkey Boots. Why did we include it in our Top 10 Free Games of February you might ask? Because it’s fun, well executed, and a real charmer. With no IAPs it’s also a safe one for the kids, without having to worry about your parental settings and getting unexpected bills in the mail.
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9. Only One
Developer Ernest Szoka has created a mini masterpiece of pure sword-swinging fun in Only One. Playing atop a high round platform that serves as your arena, you’ll fight crowds of enemies, mages, monsters and bosses, trying to force them off the edge of the platform, ultimately battling through 70 levels to become the last combatant standing. There are some great RPG elements as you upgrade your hero with powers and abilities, and some excellent environmental surprises to watch out for. Only One is a testament to the strengths of indie developer Szoka, showing that Infinity Blade level visuals are not a necessity to creating a truly fun swordplay experience. Can’t wait to see more from Ernest Szoka.
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10. Unstoppable Square
Thomas Roger’s Unstoppable Square is another game that mixes simple visuals and gameplay to create a fun five minute experience. We’ve also included it as we love to encourage independent developers at Grab It Magazine, and we strive to shine a light on what we think are talented teams with loads of potential. Tapping one side of the screen to jump and the other to switch colours, Unstoppable Square is a game of reflexes as you aim to match the colour of your square to the platform you are currently on. It would be hard for the visuals to be any more retro, as they are Atari 2600-era, and they complete an endearing debut from Rogers.
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Garry Balogh

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