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Why You Should Join
the Hive

Without the backing of a publisher, and given the nature of the downloadable game scene, Grab It Magazine’s marketing is socially driven. A key part of this is The Hive. Part of having your game showcased in Grab It Magazine is buying into the idea that the more people who pick up the magazine, the more games everyone will sell. It’s therefore buying into the idea that it is a win-win to pull together and get the content seen. And a win-win for the two of us, is a win for the platform holder, attracting its support. It becomes in the best interests of all of us.

The Hive is a collective of companies that have committed to sharing the existence of Grab It Magazine across the full reach of their social networks, on the day (or launch days) that the magazine becomes available. A gigantic social wheel that, when turned, ushers as many people as possible through the Grab It Magazine door - so they can expand the scope of the titles they wish to purchase, learn more about the great titles appearing in our scene, and ultimately buy more games.

Share! Share! Share!

The Gentlemen’s Handshake

If You Participate in The Hive, We Promise To…

• Share all news relating to your games via our networks
• Include your titles for coverage in the magazine
• Share and display your videos with our audience
• Provide point-of-sale links and write-ups for your existing games through the website
• Provide you with a free copy of the magazine
• Produce kick-arse articles

You Commit To…

• Share news about Grab It Magazine through your social network and newsletters, in particular when new issues are available
• Keep us up to date with the news and assets you’d like shared
• Make kick-arse games

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