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27 February, 2014

12 Excellent Games Star in App Store Sale Frenzy

Did something happen? Are the aliens coming? Or the zombies? Or alien zombies? It seems like the world must be coming to an end if the below list of excellent, excellent games (a number of which starred in our 50 Best iPad Games of 2013 awards) is anything to go by. Get a load of this, which equates to a $56 saving – and just click the game name to grab the bargain. 

The Room TwoFrom $2.99 to $.99 - Read our review and developer interview in Issue 1
BadlandFrom $4.49 to $.99
Final Fantasy IVFrom $16.99 to $8.49
Shadow BladeFrom $1.99 to $.99 - Read our review and developer interview in Issue 1
Infinity Blade IIIFrom $7.49 to $2.99
XCOM: Enemy UnknownFrom $20.99 to $10.49
Limbofrom $5.49 to $1.99
Ravenmark: Scourge of EstellionFrom $10.49 to $2.99
DuetFrom $2.99 to $.99 - Read our review and developer interview in Issue 1
HornFrom $7.49 to $2.99
Epoch.2From $5.49 o $.99
AbductedFrom $2.99 to $.99 

I have put the Duet, Badland, Epoch.2 and Horn trailers below, as these gems might not have as recognisable a name. It’s a good day to get busy on your iPad!

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