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03 February, 2014

Top 10 Best iOS Games of January

It has been a busy start to the year for the iOS gaming scene and Grab It Magazine both. We recently filled you in on the top 10 free games of January 2014, which you can check out here, and now it is time to get into the serious stuff. These games will cost you a few dollars, but boy do you get some gaming content for your money. And don't forget, you can always check out our 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2013 for more great options. If you like the sound of any of these games, just grab it.


1.    TowerMadness 2
It's an age-old tale. Sheep in a field minding their own business, an alien race needing wool to knit their fearless leader a jumper. This ain't no rom-com. In the 3D style that helps the series stand out from the crowd, developer Limbic Software's sequel has more of everything, including controller support.
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2.     Shadow Blade
Developer and Publisher Crescent Moon Games has a track record for releasing very high quality games for our iDevices, and Shadow Blade is no exception. Nailing precise controls for 2D action platformers on iOS can be hit and miss, but Shadow Blade's are smooth and intuitive. With Crescent Moon's polish combined with a fast-paced, action tip to the ninja subgenre, this is well worth a play. 
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3.    Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
The Baldur's Gate series is surely considered RPG royalty, and developer Beamdog has taken to the mighty task of optimising the PC classic for our iPads with gusto, making good use of the strengths of the touchscreen. Deep, complex and with a steep learning curve, both Baldur's Gate I and II are must haves for lovers of hardcore role-playing experiences. 
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4.     Simian.Interface
This feels very much like a surreal aptitude test for beings with opposable thumbs. With a graphical interface that would mesmerise a million monkeys, this is one to sit back, relax, and scratch your head to. 
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5.    Rail Racing
Developer Polarbit has taken real-world slot cars and given them a shot of adrenalin and hyper-reality. The result is fast and fun thanks to an aggressive AI. This one of those games where the challenge isn't a frustration. 
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6.    Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Sadly there are more bad Duke games than good - Manhattan Project helps to even up the numbers on the good side. An action platformer that is everything a Duke Nukem game should be; big, fun and a guilty pleasure. Things explode, Duke makes comments that were politically incorrect 20 years ago, let alone now, and the world is as it should be. (Note: Check out our Top 10 Duke Nukem Quotes
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7.    Archangel
It's the controls in this action-RPG that set it apart from the flock. Choosing your attack type or magic spell by drawing and swiping in various patterns, and moving by touching where you want to go, it does take some getting used to. But it becomes quite intuitive with practice, letting you have fun with its gritty fantasy world.
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8.    Bloodstroke
What’s black, white and red all over? The visuals in Hollywood film maker John Woo’s App Store foray, Bloodstroke - it befits the action movie director’s penchant for over-stylised violence, too. This is fast-paced graphic novel noir for your iDevice.
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9.    Rocket Robo
A puzzle platformer with an art style reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet, you’ll be guiding your loveable robot through some imaginative levels. This one snuck in under the radar without much fanfare, but is very polished and deserving of some attention.
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10.   Front Wars
The next best thing to Nintendo releasing games on iOS, this is Advance Wars in all but name, and barely even that. Turn-based real-time strategy, playable against AI, or in local or online multiplayer, this is a lovingly crafted homage.
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Garry Balogh

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