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03 March, 2014

Salvage Announced by ex-Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Devs

Two man dev team Mad Fellows recently announced its first project, the music rhythm game Salvage. Sporting a similar vibe to games like Boson X (grab it here) or Avoid Sensory Overload (grab it here), you’re flying forwards through a 3D world in a little spacecraft, dodging obstacles, all to the beat of a heavy bass-driven soundtracks. Customising you little spaceship looks like a key part of the fun, and we love the way the dubstep driven beats time in with reflex movements as your hurtle down the worm hole. In a move that should get fans excited, the music is being provided by dubsteppers Zomboy, SKisM and Noisia.

But music alone doesn’t make a game worth playing... unless your Radiohead. Rest assured that Salvage is in good hands. The Mad Fellows team is comprised of industry veterans Dan Horbury (DJ Hero) and Paul Norris (DJ Hero & Guitar Hero), who are no strangers to creating AAA music rhythm games.

There’s no word yet when Salvage will rave its way to iOS, but we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, we highly recommend merging your love for music and gaming in God of Light, Avoid Sensory Overload or Lyme.

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