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12 February, 2014

Radiohead Makes a Very Trippy Game

On the track Bloom from Radiohead's 2011 album King of Limbs, Thom Yorke wails, "don’t blow your mind with why.” Good advice when playing this "game." Bloom may not have shooting zombies in the face, but it does offer an experience and one you'd associate with a band like Radiohead that, let's be honest, exists on another plane. An awesome plane, mind you.

You control the experience by gyro, moving and spinning (dancing?) to look and explore these acid trip worlds that kind of coneptialise the lyrics of Bloom against an instrumental rework of the tune. You could call it an exploration game, but what you're exploring is really in your head, channelled through this oddly trippy construct. If you've seen the multi-screen backdrop the band used on its most recent tour, you'll get some idea of the visual punch.

You can drawn on the screen too, creating mind-altering effects. I wouldn't want to come home from a rave and play this... or would I?... but its free and totally worth checking out.

You can grab the game here. And it's also worth picking up the album King of Limbs or, in my humble opinion, the band's best work Kid A. It's also worth noting this is not the first app to be born of musical genius - Bjork released a pretty extraordinary game, or at least experience, for Biophliia, while UNKLE founder James Lavelle recently announced God of Light.

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