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29 January, 2014

Revolutionary Electronic act UNKLE Announces God of Light

It's amazing how much a decent soundtrack can add to a game. It lets you know that the developer cares about all facets of the experience, and acknowledges that what you hear whilst playing can add untold layers of depth and immersion when done well. The trailer for God of Light from developers Playmous and Eon Games doesn't reveal much, other than the fact it's a light reflecting puzzle game, but it certainly is visually stunning. Add to this that legendary beatsmith James Lavelle and his trip-hop crossover band UNKLE are providing the soundtrack, and we've instantly elevated this to "yes, please" status.

Puzzlers with a unique twist are certainly grabbing headlines of late. A number of standouts starred in our 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2013 awards, while Device 6 is leading the indie charge at the major award ceremonies.

As for the band, it has released five albums, and our editor Chris Stead is adamant that its 1998 debut release Psyence Fiction is a true masterpiece. A collaboration with the seminal DJ Shadow, it does feature the likes of Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Jason Newsted (Metallica), Mike D (Beastie Boys), Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Kool G. Rap and Badly Drawn Boy - hard to argue with that roster. Interested music loves can grab the album here.

We'll keep our eyes pealed and our ears pricked and let you know when we see and hear more. For now, chill out and soak up this trailer or, if you're looking for a fun light-bending puzzle game to enjoy during the wait, we recommend Khaba, which you can grab here.

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