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11 May, 2015

Read the World Exclusive Making of Nihilumbra

The mesmerising indie platformer Nihilumbra is coming to the Wii U on May 14, and Grab It has the world exclusive making of feature on the game.

In Nihilumbra you play as Born, a thing brought into the world an innocent and challenged to discover who he is and what is life while being chased through various, distinct environments by a destructive presence called The Void. The story is a deep-thinker, challenging you to examine your own psyche as you watch Born succeed and fail at the same time. However, it is also an excellent game, and you can use a range of different coloured powers by painting them onto the world via the touchscreen to gain access to their abilities. How you combine these powers with the environment to get past enemies and obstacles is great fun. And once you get to the end and do it all again in Void Mode, expect an incredibly stiff challenge.

Already available on iOS (grab it here), we played through the game, loved it, and then decided to create a world exclusive making of digital book with developer BeautiFun Games. It goes in-depth with exclusive art, video and interview content, offering a tonne of insight into the life of an indie developer. If you have an iPad, you can read our world exclusive making of in a dedicated app here. As well as an incredible, detailed story straight from the developer about the making of an indie classic, you'll also experience a digital magazine beyond anything you thought possible.

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