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12 June, 2014

David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff to Star in Indie Game Megamagic – “The Future Of The Industry”

Yesterday we brought you the announcement of Megamagic by BeautiFun Games – a game that mixes elements of Zelda, Command & Conquer, Pokémon and Streets of Rage. That’s a potent mix! We are celebrating the Spanish developer this week as part of our special edition new app, Grab It Presents Nihilumbra – Classics Collection. It provides a detailed behind-the-scenes look into the creation of BeautiFun’s classic iOS philosophical puzzle platformer Nihilumbra – iPad owners can get their copy of this special edition here.

Today we bring you more exciting news about Megamagic. The developer has revealed on its blog that the one, the only, the legend, David Hasselhoff will be starring as the lead protagonist. And we mean starring, with full motion-capture and voice acting – nearly unheard of for a 2D indie. It’s a massive coup for the small studio and makes the already intriguing game a magnetic up and comer whose development must be watched.

"We wanted a charismatic pop-culture personality to bring back the good old magic from the 80s to Megamagic, and who's better than the man who blown our minds away with Knight Rider and later helped to refresh our summers in Baywatch?" Kevin Cerdà Megamagic's game designer and writer, said of the partnership.

As for The Hoff, he is equally excited. “Now indies are the big thing, I had lots of fun with my participation in Pain (Idol Minds, 2009) for the PS3, and would like to repeat the experience, now in the indie way! I want to support you indies. I don't care if the game doesn't make millions, I believe your creativity is the future of the industry. I believe in Megamagic."

Congratulations to BeautiFun Games – we can’t wait to see what The Hoff delivers. And good on you Mr. Hasselhoff for supporting the indie gaming scene – much respect!

While you wait for Megamagic, be sure to check out our special edition app on Nihilumbra or check out one of our main episodes below so you can discover the best new iPad gaming experiences.

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