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26 May, 2015

One More Line Passes 5m Downloads, Sequel One More Dash Announced

The developer that got us hook, line and sinker with addictive twitch game One More Line is ready to pile on more point-hunting pain.

We’re often surprised by how the simplest ideas can turn into the most purely blissful gameplay experiences. Just look at SMG’s One More Line, a basic experience about guiding an orb down a hallway of obstacles by getting it to orbit and then slingshot past said obstacles. So successful has this idea being for the Australian studio, it’s now clock up an impresses five million downloads. You can grab the game here, but it’s also worth checking out our in-depth making of interview and feature on the game in Episode 8 of Grab It.

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SMG Studio featured in that episode three times, in what was a busy 2014. The developer’s bizarre, yet awesome tower defence meets RPG meets sharks with frickin’ lazer beams on their head classic OTTTD also gets the interview/feature treatment, as does the yet unreleased “Asteroids platformer” Hyper Robot Death Party.

For 2015, the first big release from the studio will be One More Dash, which builds on the One More Line concept by challenging you to zip your way up a narrow corridor by dashing from orb to orb, dodging the obstacles spiralling around in each. It promises the same addictive gameplay as One More Line, but we’ll know for sure on May 28 when the game launches on iOS. In the interim, enjoy the trailer below.

And to learn more about Episode 8 of Grab It, watch our Twitch interview from PAX below that.

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