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28 November, 2014

How To Play One More Line Like A Boss

Update: The super addictive one touch arcade title from SMG Studio, One More Line, is hard. Like really hard. Apparently I'm not the only one cursing in frustration either. SMG Studio was at such a loss over all the bad scores being submitted that it's graciously created a "How to play" video to give us poor schmucks a fair chance. Check out the video below, it's actually quite helpful. My high score now stands at 103. Has anyone been able to do better than that? Drop us a line in the comments below.
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Original story: From Avoid Sensory Overload to Wave Wave and yes, even Flappy Bird, gamers can’t get enough of super challenging, instantly replayable arcade gems that lock your mind a way in the cave of focus, where the rest of the world fades into insignificance next to your score. SMG Studios, who recently released the excellent tongue-in-cheek tower defence/RPG hybrid OTTTD, has the next big brain buster and it’s just landed. The game is One More Line.

As simple as you can possibly get, the aim is to guide a rainbow-like line through a vertically scrolling landscape of obstacles. You can’t turn, but you can latch onto an obstacle, which sends you into an orbit around it and flings you off in the direction you’d expect when you let go. That’s about it. If it sounds too crazily simple to be fun, we challenge you to play this game once, put it down and never be interested in shooting for One More Line.

In Episode 8 of Grab It, we featured One More Line, including a making of interview with the developer’s founder Ashley Ringrose. In fact, the developer was featured three times, with OTTTD and the upcoming – also excellent – Hyper Death Robot Party also amongst the 68 featured indies. You can grab the episode here.

   - One More Line
   - Avoid Sensory Overload
   - Wave Wave
   - OTTTD
   - Episode 8 of Grab It

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