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31 January, 2014

John Woo Has Released a Bloody iPad Game

Legendary action flick director, John Woo, has made his first foray into the mobile video game market with violent action thriller, Bloodstroke. Woo is best known for directing high octane thrillers Hard Boiled, Mission Impossible II and Face/Off. Woo has also toyed with video games in the past, releasing the Hong Kong action thriller Stranglehold on consoles and PC in 2007.

With such a pedigree, Bloodstoke is unsurprisingly equal parts gritty, bloody and action-packed. Taking the role of bodyguard, Mai Lee, your objective is to protect your charge using any means necessary. In an effort that would make Woo regular Chow Yun-fat proud, this means slicing, dicing and shooting your way through half the population of Hong Kong and Beijing.

In a neat touch, Bloodstroke is presented in black-and-white with comic book-style cutscenes. In true John Woo style, the only colour in the game is the rivers of red blood that get splashed around from slain enemies.

If you’re looking for a slick action title that doesn’t require too much thinking, Bloodstroke is your one stop shop. Grab it here. And check out the other games that made our Top 10 iOS Games of January.

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