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07 August, 2015

First Trailer For Burly Men At Sea Drops, Steam Greenlight Kicks Off

If you’ve been following our coverage of the upcoming folktale adventure Burly Men At Sea from indie dev Brain&Brain, then you may just have picked up how excited we are. You can read our preview for more information and an extensive interview about the game with the brains behind the name, David and Brooke Condolora.

Even though things were sounding a little grim a few months back, progress is now moving along nicely. So nice in fact that Brain&Brain has released its first teaser trailer for the game (check it out below). I’m loving that pastel-inspired art work and the light-hearted nature coming through from the characters and sound track.

Also read: Our review of Brain&Brain's first game, Doggins 

In more exciting news, Brain&Brain is going to be demoing Burly Men at Sea publicly for the very first time as part of the Media Indie Exchange (MIX) showcase in Los Angeles next week. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

Finally, we heartily encourage you to do this amazing indie dev a solid by heading on over to their Steam Greenlight page, which launched yesterday.

Be sure to keep tabs on our website, as we'll let you know more about Burly Men as soon as we hear about it.

Stephen Mitchell

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