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15 January, 2015

Folktale Adventure Burly Men At Sea From Doggins Creator Coming In 2015

One of the biggest surprise hits (at least for me) last year was the criminally underrated, lovable adventure game Doggins. You can read our review here. I can’t stop talking about the game and I would go so far as to say that Doggins was close to my iOS game of the year.

In excellent news, husband and wife team David and Brooke Condolora from Brain&Brain are working furiously on their second project, the folktale adventure Burly Men At Sea. Details are relatively scarce about the game so far, but we do know that it follows a trio of large bearded gentlemen on a fantastical adventure at sea. A few screenshots have surfaced so far, which you can see below. I love the direction of the art style, with a palate of softer and soothing colours being utilised, along with the use of minimal lines. It really does seem to capture that sense of preparing to set off on an epic adventure on the high seas.

We also know that the game will unfold through discovery, with the player being cast as both storyteller and wayfinder. This suggests to me that the player will have quite a significant role in not only pushing the story forward, but also shaping its direction. I wonder if we can rely on our storyteller to provide us with the truth, a la Rhys and Fiona in Tales From The Borderlands (read our review of Episode 1 here).

We won’t have to wait all that much longer either, with Burly Men At Sea aiming for a Spring 2015 release. We’ll keep you posted on any progress as it comes to light. You can also head over to Brain&Brain’s blog for more insights into the development process.

If we’re lucky enough, we’ll see if we can sneak in an interview with these guys to pick up some extra juicy insights.

Stephen Mitchell

     - Doggins
     - Tales From The Borderlands

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