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22 February, 2014

Motocross, Monsters, and Mobsters - 10 Amazing New Indie Games

I feel like a broken record saying this, but it’s been another massive week on the App Store. What a great problem to have! The quality of indie iOS games released lately has been nothing short of incredible. We've rounded up 10 of the best new games to hit the App Store this week, along with their trailers. Check them out, and by all means, don't forget to grab anything that takes your fancy.

Also be sure to check out Issue 1 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App. It includes 22 in-depth reviews of indie iPad games, 14 exclusive interviews and five big features including our big reveal for the amazing Thralled.

1. Tengami = grab it here

2. Zombocalypse Now = grab it here


3. Coldfire Keep = grab it here


4. Bug Heroes 2 = grab it here


5. The King of Chicago = grab it here


6. Mad Skills Motocross 2 = grab it here 


7. Monster Stacker = grab it here


8. UHR-warlords = grab it here


9. Another Case Solved = grab it here


10. Merchant Beyond the Stars = grab it here


But, wait, that's not all! Throughout the week, we've also covered a number of other pretty slick looking games. Make sure you check out our stories on these awesome games below and for the true gems - the standout elite of the indie world, check out Issue 1 of Grab it Magazine:
     - Fright Fight
     - Oquoine
     - Unstoppable Square
     - Second Chance Heroes

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