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18 February, 2014

Fight Off Zombies as a Chainsaw Wielding Abraham Lincoln in Second Chance Heroes

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m fairly certain that Second Chance Heroes (trailer below) is the most factually accurate representation of history's greatest historical figures since Bill & Ted's. You might recall the time U.S. President Abraham Lincoln set aside his legislative duties to fight off hordes of zombies with the presidential chainsaw. Or maybe the time when Genghis Khan charged into battle alongside the swashbuckling pirate Blackbeard. If any of this rings a bell, you probably failed history class.

Developed by Rocket City Studios, Second Chance Heroes looks like an insanely fun cooperative action-arcade game. A bunch of famous historical heroes are transported to the future to save us from the inevitable apocalypse, which of course features evil robots, nuclear missiles, aliens and zombies. If you’ve ever dreamt of sending packs of zombie chickens back to the hell from which they came with a chaingun wielding Queen Elizabeth 1... you’re a strange person... who is in luck!

If I haven’t yet convinced you of the awesomeness of Second Chance Heroes, it’s also available to try for the very low price of ‘free’.

Make sure you grab it here.

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