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24 February, 2014

Transport Tycoon Going For $3

Update: It appears that the deal is either restricted to certain regions, or has gone live globally yet. Check the link below to be sure.

For 26-years, legendary programmer Chris Sawyer has been specialising in simulation management games, mostly for PC. His seminal 1994 classic Transport Tycoon was one of the great time sinks, shining bright during the genre's heyday. Twenty years later and the developer has ported his game to iOS, carrying across its SimCity like gameplay experience, focused as the title would suggest in setting up intricate and efficient transportation networks through your virtual civilization. As I write that, I wonder why I found it so addictive back in the day, but make no mistake this is classic design with depth you can loose yourself in obsessively.

Now the good news - the game has been selling for $7.49, but it has just been dropped to $2.99 for an unknown amount of time. You can grab it here.

If you want something more contemporary and lighter, there is an iOS classic called Game Dev Story, where you mange an indie developer. In Issue 1 of Grab It Magazine, we also review and chat to develop Bit by Bit Studios about the excellent Fiz: The Brewery Management Simulation - it's about making beer. Make sure you read our detailed look at the game in Issue 1. Otherwise, there's also Football Manager 2014 - which is just incredible!

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