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01 July, 2015

This is the Best Way to Get Prepared for Magic Duels: Origins

Magic The Gathering is heading in a new direction for its next instalment. As you prepare for Magic Duels: Origins, coming to XBO, PC, iPad and (later) PS4 this July, why not indulge in our exclusive Making Of feature.

Magic: The Duels will be more than just a game, but an ongoing “platform” that is iterated on over the coming years. Magic The Gathering is the original card collecting game, and a two-decade old phenomenon. However, the rise of new competitors like Hearthstone, variants like Armello and big IPs like Elder Scrolls Legends has crowded the space it once dominated. Clearly Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast want to shake up the formula and that should be exciting news for fans.

Promised features include more multiplayer modes – including the return of Two-Headed Giant) – playable Planeswalkers cards, the ability to play battle mode against the AI, improved deck building, and weekly quest and community challenges to tackle. It will remain free to play, as well.

Last year, we caught up Wizards of the Coast to get a detailed account of the entire Magic The Gathering phenomenon, from its early eighties roots, through its nineties heyday and into its video game renaissance. This epic Making Of feature was published in Episode 6 of Grab It, our digital iPad magazine, alongside a host of other great exclusives, including the making of Star Wars Commander and an interview with Fighting Fantasy reviver Tin Man Games on the return of the choose your own adventure novel in digital form.

There’s a trailer below for the episode, and you can grab it here.

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   - Magic 2015
   - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
   - Armello (read our Making of interview in Episode 8 of Grab It)
   - Star Wars Commander 
   - Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies
   - Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell
   - Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King
   - Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller
   - Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom

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