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06 June, 2014

The Next-Generation of Fantasy Real-Time Strategy Games Is Coming with Tiny Realms

Just when you thought all the next-gen hoopla had died down, along comes TinyMob Games – founded by ex-Electronic Arts, Zynga and Microsoft veterans - with the above statement about its upcoming title Tiny Realms. Due in Q3 on iOS devices, TinyMob is targeting the mid-core strategy fans currently flooding to the iOS scene. 

The below trailer looks pretty enough and suggests narrative, mythology and intensely fast action are key pillars. While the world building aspects - where you lay out your realm, construct an army and conquer your neighbours – are genre stalwarts, the ability to take control over single units and fight on the frontline certainly intrigues. There’s also the promise of a persistent experience where the endgame isn’t set in stone and can be influenced by player decisions on the battle field.

Multiplayer is also promised, and the ability to create Warbands – effectively platoons with a variety of different units – sounds strategically interesting, assuming the AI can make the selection process one that holds weight.

Alex Mendelev, CEO of TinyMob Games, believes his company is on to something: “Tiny Realms is going to redefine strategy games on mobile platforms. We’re very proud of depth and quality of the gameplay we have created. It’s combining the very best elements of real time strategy with complete accessibility for a range of mobile gamers.”

While you wait for Tiny Realms, you can get your strategy fix with the recently released OTTTD or find something great to play in Episode 4 of Grab It.

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