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04 July, 2014

The Monster Hunter Series Goes Huge On iOS

The Monster Hunter series is one of the few Japanese institutions that manages to have a sold crossover with Western audiences. In its home country, it’s a genuine system seller, while in the West it’s a cult favourite. Known for its extraordinary game length (in the hundreds of hours), and its unique blend of RPG mechanics and combat, you’re empowered to hunt through a giant lush world looking for huge creatures to defeat in what’s effectively drawn out and epic boss battles.

Capcom has brought PSP favourite Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, first released in 2009, to iOS and is out now! Visually and in terms of its scope and multiplayer offerings (four-player online co-op!), it is very much the full Monster Hunter experience. And the developer has worked hard to bring the reasonably technical controls to touchscreens with a virtual joystick, and a number of swipe and tap options. It's a bit complicated, but it’s not a series for the fainthearted. Polished and improved, dive into this immersive world if you dare.

   - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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