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24 July, 2014

Table Tennis Touch Celebrates Commonwealth Games With Sale

One of our featured games in Episode 5 of Grab It was Table Tennis Touch by Yakuto Limited. It has to be one of the best looking games ever seen on an iPad and features great swipe-based gameplay that allows you to control speed, spin and more as you battle it out against the AI or in minigames. With the promise of a multiplayer mode and more to come, the game is set to get bigger in the future, too.

However, we recommend jumping into the action right now. To celebrate the start of the Commonwealth Games, Yakuto has slashed 50% off the asking price for the game and if you're a fan of the sport, we can assure you it is money well spent. You can grab the game here.

For our full review and our exclusive interview with the developer, also check out Episode 5 of Grab It.

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