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27 February, 2014

Snip and Chu LCDemake and Comic Tie-In Out Now

Update: We've just been informed that the game is rolling out globally now. This grab it now link will update automatically as your regional App Store comes online, so check back if it does not work. The same goes for this grab it now link, which if for the comic that you can check out for free.

Original Story: Australian developer Clicker found a great little niche with its excellent LCDemake of World of Warcraft, called Game of Watchcraft. We’ve just got word that a follow-up title, lovingly constructed with the same iconic visual and gameplay style of the old Game & Watch handhelds, is hitting the App Store on February 27. This one is a little bit different, however.

Snip and Chu is a comic, released by Clicker co-founder Shaun Britton. This tie-in game is a retro-flavoured platformer – include retro-like difficulty – based off this comic. Just like the old clam-shaped handheld, you need to get Chu – a piece of gum – from the bottom screen, past numerous obstacles, to the top screen where he can rescue his friend Snip – a discarded toenail – using a spanner collected on the way. Rescued, naturally, from a crazy robotic cleaning machine called Recykiller.

The comic will also be available on the App Store, and together the two experiences build this odd and utterly charming world created by Britton. The way that the art from the comic has been transferred into the Game & Watch platformer aesthetic is particularly cool.

The game will be 99c, and the comic free to check out and then $2.99 to finish. Check out the trailer and some screens below and keep an eye on our blog for a link once the game is on sale.

In the interim grab Game of Watchcraft here, or if you like the idea of games with odd heroes, check out our review of Toast Time… it’s about a toaster that uses bakery items to defeat alien blobs trying to destroy his alarm clock.

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