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28 August, 2014

Play BioShock on Your iPad Right Now

No that headline is not a joke. BioShock - as in the genre changing, blockbuster console experience from 2007 - is fully playable on your iPad. You can download it here. Further evidence that the technology powering modern tablets is getting pretty ridiculous. It's the second big console port for 2K Games in the last year, after XCOM: Enemy Unknown. We look forward to playing the publisher's other big IP, like Mafia, Borderlands and Spec Ops: The Line shortly.

While you're here, you may also enjoy our article about the creator of BioShock, Ken Levine Jumped Off a Sinking Ship.

If you were wondering who we are, we’re a AAA digital magazine that you can pick up for US$2 on the App Store anywhere in the world to get dedicated coverage of the indie iPad gaming scene. We’re trying to not only push the boundaries on what a digital magazine can be by making the reader experience feel like playing a game with dynamic and interactive video, audio and animations, but we’re also full of hours and hours of exclusive developer interviews, footage, images, insights and more. Below you will find links to each edition, including our FREE sample.
   - Episode 1 - Includes The Making of République (*free sample issue)
   - Episode 2 - Includes The Making of Oceanhorn
   - Episode 3 - Includes The Making of Monument Valley
   - Episode 4 - Includes The Making of Last Inua
   - Episode 5 - Includes The Making of World of Tanks Blitz
   - Episode 6 - Includes The Making of Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers
   - Episode 7 - Includes The Making of Tiny Troopers Alliance and Midnight Star
   - Grab It Presents Nihilumbra - Classics Collection

   - BioShock
   - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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