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20 November, 2014

Particulars is Particularly Good and Out Now

Today marks the release of yet enough stellar gaming experience from Australia, appearing right on the back of the excellent FRAMED by Loveshack Entertainment. This time it is SeeThrough Studios’ Particulars, a game that has been bubbling around for quite a while, and whose release has been eagerly anticipated by all those who’ve played it. Set somewhere between subatomic space and the crumbling mind of a genius physicist, it’s an action puzzle experience where the engaging act of guiding a down-quark through a dangerous zero-g space is matched by the soul behind its curiously told narrative.

We ran a big hands-on with the game and an exclusive interview with the developer in Episode 8 of our iPad app Grab It, which you can grab here. Whether you have played the game already or are eager to find out more about its creation, the read provides an eye-opening insight into its development.

As for Particulars, it’s a must own – grab it here.

- Particulars
- Grab It Episode 8

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