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28 February, 2014

Midnight Bite Sucks Blood

Milkstone Studios has just released this intriguing vampire stealth game to the App Store. Midnight Bite follows a poor little vampire kid - Little Draku - whose parents forgot to leave a keg of fresh blood out before they went off on vacation - somewhere exotic no doubt, like Mordor. While it may be a case better handled by child services, it does make for a bit of indie fun. Played from an old-school top-down perspective, you need to manoeuvre through city streets and opulent houses avoiding the sight-cones of patrolling guards using a variety of vampire tricks, hidey spots and sneakiness. And whatever happens, don't get in a face-off with dangerous vampire hunters!

The game reminds us a bit of XBLA indie darling Monaco: What's Yours is Mine and old-school Gauntlet. You can check out the trailer below, and grab the game here. And if you are looking for a 3D console-like alterative in the stealth genre, we highly recommend République (grab it here), which is reviewed in Issue 1.   

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