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12 January, 2014

Magnetized Announced & Released

When you click on the trailer below, stick with it for a good ten seconds. It looks so simplistic and sparse you may be tempted to flick it off and roll back to your picturesque adventuring on Oceanhorn, but as soon as you see how the central magnetized gimmick works and realise how the difficult scales up as you progress through the 80-odd levels, you'll see why we're quite keen on this little puzzler. You need to guide your little square through a neon maze by activating magnets that slingshot your avatar on orbits around corners and obstacles. At first it feel like an 80's version of Real Racing 3, asking you to take the best line possible through each corner, but then it gets trickier and trickier as you try to master momentum and direction to navigate the more devious designs.

It's such a neat idea! The game hit the App Store today. And if you are looking for anything else to play over the next week, we recommend hitting our Top 50 iPad Indie Games of 2013.

    - Magnetized (iPad)
    - Magnetized (iPhone)
    - Oceanhorn
    - Real Racing 3

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