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27 December, 2013

Like League of Legends For Tablets

Jason Citron, the creator of social gaming platform OpenFeint, has formed a new studio called Hammer & Chisel that aims to create titles handcrafted for use on tablets. It’s a mentality that we here at Grab It Magazine can fully appreciate, given we’ve handcrafted a magazine for use on tablets.

Its first game out of the gate is quite intriguing: a MOBA (massively online battle arena) that the developer says was built from the ground-up to function specifically on tablets. Hammer & Chisel also make the claim Fates Forever is the League of Legends alternative for tablets, referring to the phenomenally successful PC title. In Fates Forever, two teams face off in real-time three vs. three combat down two lane maps. Notable features include skillshots that require specific screen swipes, digestible 15-minute match times, art design by the talent behind Magic the Gathering and the promise of frequent updates.

You can enjoy a look at the gameplay in the video below:

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