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08 April, 2014

Last Inua Out Soon - New Gameplay Unveiled

Glowforth Game Studio has been busy working away at its platform adventure game Last Inua for some time now and we're happy to report that it's set for release mid-April. The game caught our eye with its gorgeous visual style and intriguing story about the relationship between an Inuit father and his son. It's caught the eye of others too, it seems, having just picked up the Best Mobile, Tablet & Handheld Project award at Game Connection America 2014. To celebrate that success and the impending release, the studio has unveiled a new gameplay trailer that you can enjoy below. Look for more on the game in a coming episode of Grab It.

In the meantime, check out the just released Episode 3 of Grab It, starring our huge making of feature on Monument Valley.

    - Monument Valley

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