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11 July, 2014

Kirby Meets Rayman in a Mighty Adventure

Romanian developer Pixel Trap has just debuted its first game on the App Store and it's not short on visual flair. Mighty Adventure is a platformer at heart, but it has been given the auto-run treatment, presumably to ease the control options on the touchscreen. As a result there's a fair bit more to this title than other runners, including three little blobby monster characters to control. You can switch between these at any time, making use of their double jump, stomp and dash abilities respectively to navigate the many challenges placed in front of you (and hundreds of collectables). The game has a cartoony, colourful aesthetic that feels somewhere between Kirby and Rayman, while alternate routes and a star rating system provoke replays.

It's good to see Pixel Trap experimenting with the standards of the auto-runner and adding a lot of extra depth to the experience. Platform fans should check it out - you can grab the game here - or if you'd prefer an alternative, we recommend Adventure Beaks.

   - Rayman Fiesta Run
   - Adventure Beaks

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