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08 April, 2014

Kick Balls at the Referee's Face in Kind of Soccer

Developer Christian Schnellmann was already on our radar thanks to his intriguing project Lowboat, which got a start in Episode 1 of Grab It. He just dropped us a line, however, about a second project he has had sitting on the subs bench that is about to get a run on April 25. Kind of Soccer is kind of odd, but kind of cool, too. Here is how the developer describes the game:

Kind of Soccer is nothing like FIFA or Pro Evo. In fact, it is not even like soccer, since there are no goals on the field. Instead, your team scores points by hitting the referee with the ball. In the face, if you like. Since your players remain in fixed positions, you have to rely entirely on passing. You are also able to collect 12 different types of power-ups: use the Bomb to eradicate opponents getting too close, Magnet lets you drag the ball freely around the field, and the Pill brings you into a state of transcendental super-awareness. A new power-up will be unlocked for every opponent team you beat. 

Visually simplistic, but clearly playing it for laughs, it's hard not to be intrigued by the title. We'll be taking a look at it in an upcoming episode of Grab It - in the interim check out the trailer below.

    - Grab It Episode 1

Also, here is the latest trailer for Lowboat

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