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18 June, 2014

Halfbrick Announce Birzzle Fever And Celebrate By Making 9 Games Free

It's fair to say that Australian developer Halfbrick is iOS royalty. The studio that brought the world Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride has a diverse catalogue of titles, each of which offer accessible fun and a distinct personality. The studio is in a celebratory mood, having just widened its role to include publisher, bringing into its stable titles it believes fit with the Halfbrick portfolio. The first game to be published by Halfbrick is due out this Thursday, June 19. Called Birzzle Fever and developed be Enfeel, it's described as "an extremely fast arcade game, where players tap to pop groups of different coloured birds which appear in unique formations." We have a trailer below.

The second game to get the Halfbrick logo affixed to its credits is Yes Chef!, a match-3 puzzle game involving culinary delights. No word yet on whether you will be able to slice up said consumables with a guest ninja in the final release.

To celebrate this significant levelling-up for the indie studio, Halfbrick has just made every one of its games free. Links are below, and you could do far worse that grabbing the lot!

List of Halfbrick Games:
    - Fruit Ninja
    - Jetpack Joyride
    - Colossatron: Massive World Threat
    - Fish Out of Water
    - Age of Zombies
    - Band Stars
    - Bears vs. Art
    - Monster Dash
    - Fruit Ninja: Puss n Boots

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