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24 April, 2014

Gorgeous Platformer Leo's Fortune Out Now

Update: This stunning platformer from 1337 Game Design has just appeared on the App Store. You can grab it here.

Original Story: Facial hair is so hot right now and Leopold - the hero of Leo's Fortune, due out in April - has taken to the trend with gusto. So much so that it is hard to say exactly if he is a green ball with a moustache, or a moustache with a green ball attached.

But let's not get too bogged down in minutiae, let's just agree he certainly has a defining characteristic.

1337 Game Design - the development company that brought us the excellent Devil's Attorney - has released a trailer for its upcoming Leo's Fortune. From Leo's own narration, we learn that his fortune has been stolen and he sounds pretty determined to get it back. Platforming adventure ensues.

The parallax scrolling and the levels Leo will be traversing look absolutely stunning. It'll be interesting to see how the controls are handled, as there looks to be some tricky platforming in store for our moustachioed friend.

Check out the trailer from the GDC below, and if you're keen to get the ball rolling in the meantime with another physics platformer, check out the awesome Type:Rider. We reviewed the game in our free preview Issue #0 of Grab It Magazine - which you can download here - and gave it a very healthy 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you like what you see, grab Issue #1 right here.

Garry Balogh

- Devil's Attorney
- Type:Rider (iPad)
- Type:Rider (iPhone)

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