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14 July, 2014

Flashback Creator Announces Subject 13

Veteran game designer Paul Cuisset of Flashback and Darkstone fame is working on a new adventure game called Subject 13 with developer Microids. Set for Mobile, Mac, PC and Oculus Rift, Subject 13 is being developed on the Unity Engine and returns to Cuissets' roots, with a science-fiction tale starring ex-physics teacher Franklin Fargo. He awakes one day drugged in a mysterious facility called Hexatech Labs, and we'll help him escape.

The game looks like a classic point-and-clicker, however, it will use a puzzle element reminiscent of The Room series as you discover and interact with items in the environment. As you'll see in the trailer below, it's already looking pretty sharp already and like quite a bit of fun.

The game is already in playable form, and is seeking a modest contribution from fans via Kickstarter to be polished for completion.

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