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31 August, 2014

Darwinia and DEFCON Dev Bringing Prison Architect to iPads

Last week on Grab It, we released a video reviewing the best games available on Steam Early Access this month - you can watch it below. One of those games was the frustratingly addictive management game Prison Architect, by the developer behind Darwinia and DEFCON. Yesterday the guys at Introversion Software rounded out their monthly update video by announcing that they intend to bring Prison Architect to tablets. "Intend" isn't particularly definitive, but there is a link at the bottom of the page to the company's survey where they are probing the waters.

I have been playing Prison Architect since it hit Early Access, so I've never really considered the possibility of a portable version. But every now and then I suddenly want something I never knew I needed, like that feeling you get during the Steam Summer Sales or anytime apple announces a new iPhone. That feeling has come again with the unexpected bombshell of a Prison Architect game on tablets - I must have this game on my tablet.

So if, like me, you want to care for digital prisoners on the train like some homicidal Tamagotchi, let Introversion know and whet your appetite on the video below.

Nathanael Peacock (@ohthatpeacock)

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