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26 June, 2015

Camouflaj Gungho for République

One of our favourite indie projects of all time has picked up a publisher three episodes into its five episode dystopian opus. Read the Making Of for this epic in Grab It.

République holds a special place in the hearts of us here at Grab It. It was the featured title in our launch issue, where we peeled back the amazing journey founder Ryan Payton had taken to achieve his goal of bringing a console-quality video game to touchscreens. It didn't hurt that he delivered on that goal and République is one of the best experiences ever to emerge from the indie scene - one that continues to expand with each new episode. You can read our world exclusive making of in our free edition of Grab It for iPad - jump in with no strings attached.

As you can imagine the, it's exciting to hear that Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo has signed up the studio and will publishing the remaining episodes and future titles moving forward. Flush with cash, GungHo recently announced plans to funnel funds back into the indie gaming space and - assuming the intentions are as good as they sound - this can only good mean things for the final two episodes of République. Surely the series will get a solid marketing push and may be able to ramp the quality bar up even higher. Gamers on consoles might also get a look in... and what about virtual reality. This detailed and immersive world would shine in an Oculus Rift.

Perhaps we're looking too far ahead, but the short and sweet of it is; congratulations to both Camouflaj and GungHo. Now check out République if you haven't already; it's awesome.

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