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30 April, 2014

Building The Brilliant Platformer Last Inua With No Experience

For those of you who missed our big Episode 4 reveal yesterday, the latest edition of Grab It stars as its featured game, Last Inua. Developed by Glowforth Game Studio, this visually stunning atmospheric puzzle platformer will be hitting the App Store very shortly and we have - amongst many other stories - a world exclusive Making Of feature on the game. You can download the latest episode here:

Perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of the game's development is how it was created by a team with basically no experience making games. Inspiring because the finished product is so polished and fun, and the vision so well realised.

Here is a little snippet from the Making Of; a quote from Glowforth founder Zoot Nel:

“The ambition was to just start from somewhere and then move forward step by step. However, we started to build the game as a team with only one programmer that had done it before; the rest had really no clue what was coming. So at the time the question was not only about how to make it happen, but how to set a clear focus. How to choose the one idea between so many.”

For a chance to WIN a copy of Last Inua, all you need to do is share this story through one of the social feeds above and put a #grabitmag in there so we can track it. When the game comes out - we will reveal the date tomorrow - we'll pull out five names and award them a copy of the game. The more you share, the better your chance.

In the meantime, grab Episode 4 now and immerse yourself in the visually spectacular world of Last Inua.

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