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16 January, 2014

Baldur's Gate II Released on iOS

It wasn't supposed to be out till later tonight, but who's complaining? Beamdog's remake of one of gaming's most beloved classics, Baldur's Gate II - a genuine genre-definer when it first released on the PC way back in 2000 - has just hit the App Store. Conceived and originally developed by BioWare - who went on to much fame with Knights of the Old Republic (also available on iOS), Dragon Age and the Mass Effect series - this remake retains the gritty medieval atmosphere and deep action-RPG gameplay that made it so revered in the first place. You can grab it right now, from here.

Other BioWare inspired games on iOS:
- Knights of the Old Republic
- Mass Effect: Infiltrator
- Heroes of Dragon Age
- Baldur's Gate I
- Baldur's Gate II

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