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31 July, 2014

Awesome New Gamebook 80 Days by Inkle is Out Now

We're celebrating gamebooks through August here at Grab It. The veteran genre is enjoying a digital renaissance, three decades after it exploded onto the scene right at the beginnings of the video games industry. The just released Episode 6 of Grab It features an exclusive interview with developer Tin Man Games, where the studio details exactly how it has reworked old school choose your own adventure books like Fighting Fantasy for an interactive medium, as well as a look at the top 10 gamebooks of all time on iPad. In that top 10, another developer - inkle - features prominently and it has just released its latest gamebook, which would have made that list in hindsight.

80 Days is a gamebook reworking of the classic Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days, and it offers a unique and fresh take on the genre. You can enjoy our full review here - we think it's pretty awesome.

   - 80 Days
   - Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom
   - Grab It Episode 6

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