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14 August, 2015

Armello Hits PS4 on September 1

League of Geeks extraordinary genre-mashing Armello has finally locked in a release date for PlayStation 4.

Armello was one of the stars of Episode 8 of Grab It, the issue we dedicated to PAX AUS and which featuring 68 exclusive making of interviews with some of the worlds best indie developer talent. But truth be told, we were already a big fan of the game prior to that. The stunning launch trailer captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of gamers, and since then the game has evolved into something truly unique.

It mixes the levelling and character depth of an RPG, with the ruleset of a board game, and combat encounters that recall classic collectible card games. It all unfolds in this richly detailed, vibrant, 3D world, too. You should catch our exclusive "making of" interview in Episode 8 of Grab It for more.

Then you should mark September 1 down in your calendar, as that is when the game launches on PS4 and it's something of a must buy.

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