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01 July, 2014

Amanita Design’s Botanicula Gets 5-Stars and Goes On Sale

As you may have heard, Episode 5 of Grab It is out now and amongst its 15 showcased games is Botanicula. In our feature review, we gave it 5-Stars and called it “a masterpiece of sound and light that speaks to the player in a language of playful, yet deeply meaningful symbology.” You should grab Episode 5 now to read the full review and our interview with developer Amanita Design (a studio already well-established thanks to its point-and-click phenomenon Machinarium).

To (presumably) celebrate scoring 5-Stars from Grab It, Amanita has put Botanicula on sale – 40% off! This is spectacularly awesome news, so while you’re over at the App Store grabbing Grab It, grab yourself Botanicula as well.

   - Grab It Episode 5
   - Botanicula
   - Machinarium

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