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23 January, 2014

Is This Advance Wars on iOS?


Today, Canadian studio Homemade Games made the timely announcement and release of its iOS game Front Wars. Timely, given the issues currently facing Nintendo and the call for the Japanese giant to expand its software onto other formats, like iOS. And timely because Front Wars is so clearly inspired by Nintendo's beloved turn-based strategy series Advance Wars, therefore making its case that Nintendo-like games already exist on iOS.

The game allows you to battle it out against an AI, or enjoy local (pass-the-device) or online multiplayer. It’s turn-based and you have 15 different units to manipulate, each affected differently by the terrain as you capture cities to increase your funding. Looks, plays and probably smells just like Advance Wars.

It appears Homemade Games don’t feel Nintendo is required on iOS, but it's happy for you to talk about the idea…

    - Front Wars

Alternate Advance War-like Gams on iOS:
    - Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion
    - Tiny War
    - Rogue Planet

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