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05 July, 2014

Buzz Killem (Father of Bill) Free for USA Independence Day Weekend

Bill Killem featured as a Quick Fix in Episode 5 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App, and it's a lot of fun, packing a sizeable arsenal of weaponry into an endless runner. When playing it, however, I found myself wishing I could do away with the timers and stop running from left to right in order to enjoy the scenery and shoot stuff at my leisure. Well, Everplay Interactive has answered my wishes and delivered Buzz Killem, father of Bill. 

Playing as retired war vet Buzz - and following a fantastic opening cutscene referencing the awesome Ridiculous Fishing - you'll run around fending off hordes of invading aliens within 2D arenas, picking up random weapon crates. Think Super Crate Box, but with slightly more expansive levels, longer play times and a cheesy Chuck Norris action movie storyline thrown in for good measure. 

Sound like fun? It is. I've only had time for a brief hands on so far, but enjoyed what I played and look forward to unlocking bigger and better guns, and some of those silly disguises. 

The best part is you can grab the game for free this weekend, right now, quick! Trailer below:

 - Bill Killem
 - Buzz Killem
 - Ridiculous Fishing
 - Super Crate Box

Garry Balogh

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