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04 April, 2014

11 Bit Studios Announce Anomaly Defenders

The team at 11 Bit Studios sure are busy. Fresh from poaching two of the The Witcher 3 lead developers, and then announcing mesmerising survival game This War of Mine, the studio has announced a fourth game in its critically acclaimed Anomaly series. Anomaly Defenders turns the excellent and visually spectacular tower defence series on its head, with players taking on the alien race defending against the humans. Devised as a means of experiencing the battle seen in Anomaly Warzone Earth from another perspective, the below trailer shows the studios is having a lot of fun with the idea.

Details are still coming in, but we know that there will be eight different towers in the game (each with their own unique abilities), there will be 24 levels, multiple difficulties and - intriguingly - you can create you own upgrade path down the tech tree, suggesting some level of customisation. The game is due out in Q2 on PC and mobiles.

For more on the series, check out our review of Anomaly 2 in Episode 2 of Grab It. 11 Bit Studios also dropped by earlier in the year to give us its Top 10 iOS games of 2013.

    - Anomaly Korea
    - Anomaly Warzone Earth
    - Anomaly 2

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