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08 April, 2014

10 Tons of Sparkle Unleashed This April

Developer/Publisher 10 Tons, who starred in Episode 1 of Grab It with its tongue-in-cheek brawler Trouserheart, is nearing the release of its next title. Sparkle Unleashed is a new take on the studio's Sparkle puzzle series, which last appeared nine months ago in the form of Sparkle 2. As well as adding a bunch of new features, Sparkle Unleashed addresses two of the major bits of feedback from Sparkle 2, allowing for a free floating orb shooter - as seen in the Luxor games - and providing a stiffer challenge.

The game is already available in a few select countries like Australia in soft launch, but will be going global as a Try & Buy game this April. You'll be able to play up to level 23 for free, then a single IAP will roll the game out of "demo" mode into the fully fledged experience. Enjoy the trailer below:

    - Sparkle Unleashed (this link will update as your region goes online)
    - Sparkle 2
    - Grab It Episode 1
    - Luxor Legend

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