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15 August, 2014

Tiny Troopers Alliance and Grab It Working on Making Of Feature

Kukouri Games and Chillingo today announced a very exciting third entry in the blockbuster Tiny Troopers series. Called Tiny Troopers Alliance, this spin-off from the main series' lineage takes the entire experience online. While you'll still get to enjoy your cute cartoony soldiers dying in rather violent ways - something of a hallmark of the series - you'll also need to get deep into base building, resource management and base defence, while plotting attacks for the good of your own world, but also the greater push of your Alliance of fellow players. We've been playing an early build, and it's pretty awesome fun, offering more strategy that the previous games, while still keeping the action close at hand.

Perhaps just as exciting - or at least we like to think so - Grab It has been working behind the scenes with Kukouri founder Kim Soares and publisher Chillingo to create an in-depth making of feature for the upcoming Episode 7 of Grab It. We go deep into the foundation of the studio and the origins of the Tiny Troopers series - which now lays claim to over 7.5 million downloads! - as well as featuring some snippets from the soundtrack, art and video content. We'll keep you posted on a release date for both the game and Episode 7 shortly. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay on top of any news.

In the interim, check out the first two Tiny Troopers games and the trailer for Alliance below. You may also enjoy one of our previous extensive making of features.

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   - Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

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