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15 April, 2014

Tin Man Games Beams Steve Jackson's Starship Traveller to iOS

Australian developer Tin Man Games is a specialist in bringing classic gamebook/choose-your-own adventure experiences to modern touchscreen devices. In awesome news for fans, the studio has just released Steve Jackson’s epic 1983 Fighting Fantasy novel, Starship Traveller as a digital gamebook adventure - you can grab it here.

In Starship Traveller, players jump into the shoes of a starship commander whose ship is sucked through a black hole into an unknown and hostile universe. Players are tasked with exploring alien planets to collect clues that will enable them to plot a course home.

If you haven’t picked up a digital gamebook adventure, or you have fond memories of reading choose-your-own adventure books as a kid, then Starship Traveller is an excellent place to start exploring the experience on touchscreens. I've also recently been playing a number of other Tin Man Games titles, including An Assassin in Orlandes and Zombocalypse Now, and I can highly recommend them for people wanting to dip their toes into the digital gamebook genre.

Only recently, we found out that Tin Man Games will be teaming up with popular fantasy author Joe Dever to being his 4-book, 1988 and 1989 series Freeway Warrior to the digital world. Read our interview with creative director at Tin Man Games, Neil Rennison, about this partnership.

     - Starship Traveller
     - An Assassin in Orlandes
     - Zombocalypse Now

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